IGNOU Assignments | IGNOU First Page Format | Instructions For IGNOU Assignments – All those IGNOU Students who had already started preparing and writing for their IGNOU Assignments or will start in future, need to wait for a while and read this article about Instructions For IGNOU Assignments provided by ignoutv.in. Candidates of all the IGNOU Programmes need to read every point of the instructions carefully given below.

It is very important for the candidates to follow every point as their assignments. It will be approved without any issues. Moreover, you will get a reward for your extreme hard work.

Every student deals with the query on how to start or begin the assignment? What to write on the first page of the IGNOU Assignment? Where should be the IGNOU Assignments submitted through the candidates?

How To Start Your IGNOU Assignment (First Page)

Well, candidates are always confused because of their assignments. After finishing off their main content, they are not able to guess that what to write on the first page of the IGNOU Assignment. So, this article will provide our candidates with some tips & solution to all their queries.

Here is the list of the required details (given below) which need to be written on the first page of the respective IGNOU Assignment Solutions.

  • Candidate’s Full Name
  • Course Code
  • Course Title
  • Enrollment Number
  • Programme Full Name
  • Mobile Number (Registered)
  • Address
  • Assignment Code
  • Study Centre
  • Session
  • Date
  • Candidate’s Signature

Please Note- All the details mentioned above are compulsory to be written on the first page for the submission of IGNOU Assignment.

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Instructions For IGNOU Assignments 20120 (UPDATED)

We request our candidates to read the following instructions for IGNOU Assignments carefully (given below). These points will be beneficial for the candidates to score even more with their presentation.

  1. Students need to write their respective IGNOU Assignments with Blue or Black ball point pen for any of the TEE Session 2019.
  2. Students need to use only Foolscap size paper (330×200) for writing the solutions for the assignments. Do not use thin sheets for writing.
  3. After completing each and every answer please leave a line so that examiner writes its remark on the blank areas.
  4. Use blank sheets instead of writing on the ruled one.
  5. Candidates are advised to write their assignments on their own only as copied answers will not be accepted by the university. Zero marks are given for the copied answers. Do not copy from any reference books/ units/ blocks.
  6. Do not type or print your assignments on a computer which is strictly prohibited.
  7. Write the correct Question Number in front of every answer.
  8. After submitting your assignment to the coordinator, your acknowledgment will be sent to the IGNOU study centre.
  9. Do not send your respective assignment to any other regional study centre of IGNOU like Registration For Evaluation or Evaluation Division.
  10. Do not write every assignment in only one set. Try to write each course of your assignment separately.


  1. In case a candidate had applied for their study centre to change, then he/ she has to submit their assignment to the original study centre until and unless you had received any confirmation by the university for the same.
  2. If you had already received the successful confirmation from the university for the change in study centre, then you can submit your assignment to your new study centre whichever applied.
  3. Candidates are requested to submit their respective assignments before the due date. Without the submission of the assignments, no candidate will be allowed to appear for the term end examination. Candidate can neither be allowed to fill their TEE Form for that session.

We hope this article helps our candidates in starting their assignment from the first page till the completion of their assignment. Now you must have got the solution to your queries after reading our article regarding the assignment work.

We request our candidates to please read & refer the instructions provided above. Also, share this with your friends & submit your IGNOU Assignment Solutions. But please submit before the due date so that it is easily accepted & approved by the university.



  1. I had given my assignments through corrier.. worried if it reached or not.. as no confirmation has been given by the university.. what to do.. i am worried…


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