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IGNOU Syllabus | IGNOU IPHDAP Syllabus Structure | IGNOU PHD Syllabus | IGNOU IPHDAP Books – Students who are looking for their syllabus structure of IGNOU IPHDAP programme can get their complete syllabus from this page. We must inform you about the credit system which is available for the new syllabus. Each of the courses is provided with the appropriate credit.

During the time of seeking admission, candidates are required to choose their respective credit courses. For completing the IGNOU IPHDAP Course (I- PhD in Physics and Astrophysics), candidates need to choose these credit courses in each of these semesters or every year. Many courses are available at the same time for the selection of the IPHDAP course. Some of these courses are compulsory while some of them are optional courses.

IGNOU IPHDAP Syllabus (Updated)

Course Code Course Name Credits
IPS-11 Mathematical Methods 1
IPS-12 Classical Mechanics 1
IPS-13 Quantum Mechanics 1
IPS-14 Electronics 1
IPS-15L Physics Lab 1
IPS-21 Statistical Physics 1
IPS-22 Nuclear and Particle Physics 1
IPS-23 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscope 1
IPS-24 Electrodynamics 1
IPS-25L Electronics Lab 1
IPS-31 Fundamentals of Astrophysics 1
IPS-32 Radiative Process 1
IPS-33 Stellar Physics 1
IPS-34 Fluids and Plasmas 1
IPS-35 Astronomical and Numerical Techniques 1
IPS-36L Optics Lab 1
IPS-4P Research Project 1
IPS-41 Solid State Physics 1
IPS-42 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 1
IPS-43 Physical Optics 1
IPS-45 Physics of Compact Objects 1
IPS-46 Diffuse Matters in Space 1
IPS-47 Stellar Atmospheres 1
IPS-48 Galactic Structure 1
IPS-49 Sun and Solar System 1


After every few years, the university updates its old syllabus in order to be updated with the time. The syllabus of IGNOU IPHDAP is changed on the basis of future goals for students, that’s why the IGNOU removes the old syllabus with the new one or get that updated according to the level. The university changes or updates its syllabus at any time without prior notice to the candidates. So, keeping that in mind, ignoutv.in providing the latest and updated syllabus structure to our IGNOU IPHDAP students so they must also remain updated with time.

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I- PhD in Physics and Astrophysics – Syllabus Structure

We will provide you the complete syllabus structure of IPHDAP here on this page itself. The syllabus will be provided in semester wise including the name of the chapters of IGNOU IPHDAP Books (I- PhD in Physics and Astrophysics).

This will help our candidates to take a decision regarding the examination, whether they wanna appear for it or not. It’s totally up to them. The name of the subjects with the name of the chapters will help you to choose your preferred field for studying for the examination. The syllabus structure of IPHDAP can also be checked before you take admission for this course who all are confused. So, we recommend our candidates to check out their syllabus of IPHDAP on time.

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