IGNOU Educates Tihar Prisoners For Free


IGNOU Courses For Inmates | IGNOU Latest News | IGNOU’s Gift To Tihar – Showering new opportunities for the prisoners or jail inmates that are settling behind those walls of the Modern Jail in Kapurthala, the Jail Officials had stood up with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) to soon open the study centres provided by the university for Tihar prisoners in the premises.

“The expansion of academic qualifications is a boon for the prison culture since it is associated with positive outcomes for prisoners, including lower recidivism, improved self-esteem, and movement away from gang subcultures”.

Surinder Pal Khanna 

Mr. Surinder Pal Khanna, Jail Superintendent stated that around 135 inmates were enrolled on the first day. Khanna added that the maximum number of prisoners are allotted with sentences of less than 8 years in jail and will soon wind up back in the prison within few more years.

About 32.45 lakhs candidates so far had enrolled themselves in the IGNOU Courses across the world. Till now IGNOU had successfully opened 2,300 study centres which included 57 regional centres across India.

There are chances of not repeating the crime which totally depends on whether he/ she is staying back with a stable family or whether he/ she is associated with any type of substance abuse or may be he had a sound mental health.

Mr. Khanna goes on to explain that most important path to keep criminals away from the crime & prison life is to give them proper education & teach them the skills that will help them moving forward in their lives.

All those Tihar inmates/ prisoners who had engaged for IGNOU Programmes, among the all, most of them had chosen to go with the skill development courses and the remaining had decided to go with the Bachelor’s Degree Programmes.

“All the formalities have been now completed for opening new IGNOU Study Centres inside the jail premises” says Assistant Regional Director, Mr. Kamlesh Meena.


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