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IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Structure

IGNOU DPVCPO | IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Structure | IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Refund Policy | Diploma in Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds- Candidates must be willing to know about the fees structure of IGNOU DPVCPO Programme offered by the university; IGNOU. Here in this article, you’ll find all the details of IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Structure. But Hold On! Before you step further you must be aware that all the information provided here regarding the IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Structure is only applicable before you proceed for your Admission or Re-Registration.

Indira Gandhi National Open University offers various Diploma Courses for the students in the distance & open learning. The programme for IGNOU DPVCPO – Diploma in Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds which is provided to the candidates are held twice in a year.

IGNOU Diploma Course is a kind of certificate programme or a deed issued by any educational institution i.e; college/ university. This document is referred to as the graduation certificate or as a degree certificate because it is a particular course of study.

Here is the updated & revised fees structure for IGNOU DPVCPO Programme. The complete or entire fees for Diploma in Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds (DPVCPO) is provided to the candidates by year or semester. As IGNOU DPVCPO Programme is for 1 year which is divided into two semesters, so candidates can opt for only two semesters in a year that are held in June & December.

Please Note- The maximum duration to complete IGNOU DPVCPO Course is 4 years with no age bar.

How To Pay Fees?

According to the current scenario for IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Structure, students can pay their Examination Fees & Registration Fees both through an online mode by:

  • Debit/ Credit Card
  • Net Banking

Candidates can also go with another option which is Offline Payment or an offline mode for IGNOU DPVCPO Fees. In offline mode, the payment is made by:

  • Demand Draft (DD)
  • Cash Challan


The IGNOU Fees must be paid in an online mode or through an offline mode viz; Demand Draft OR Cash Challan in favor of IGNOU from any scheduled bank or at the designated India Bank & IDBI Bank Branches.

IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Structure:

For CAT- I & II:

  • Total Programme (DPVCPO) Fees – Rs 13,200/-
  • First year/Semester Fees – Rs 13,400/-
  • Registration Fees – Rs 200/-


  • Total Programme (DPVCPO) Fees – Rs 14,400/-
  • First year/Semester Fees – Rs 14,600/-
  • Registration Fees – Rs 200/-

Above are the details of course fees for IGNOU DPVCPO Fees Structure. Besides this, candidates are also required to pay the examination fees (per course) during the time of IGNOU DPVCPO Examination.

When To Pay IGNOU Fees?

The Diploma in Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds (DPVCPO) is a Diploma Programme which the students apply for their jobs after completing their Diploma Course. Diploma course can be completed without pursuing your Graduation Course.

If IGNOU Student wants to go with the online mode then he/ she have to make payment through an online mode only during the time of submitting the application form. But if the students want to go with the offline mode then they had to pay them the desired fees through Demand Draft (DD) or Cash Challan from any scheduled bank in favour of IGNOU. The IGNOU DPVCPO Fees must be sent to the concerned regional centre of IGNOU where IGNOU Programme is offered.

Re-Registration Fees – In case the candidate fails to complete their course, then he/ she needs to pay the sum of Rs 1500/-. If any candidate decides to change the course, then they are also required to pay the re-registration fees.

IGNOU Fees Structure – Refund Policy

Candidates should be aware of the rules and regulations followed by the university; IGNOU. The instructions of IGNOU stated that IGNOU Fees once paid will NOT be refundable to any of the candidates under any circumstances. The fees for the same are also not adjustable in place of any other respective programmes. Candidates will be held self-responsible for the cancellation of the fees due to any reason.

But if the University of IGNOU itself denies the application or rejects it, then the entire course fees of Student will be appropriately refunded after deducting the registration fees of IGNOU DPVCPO – Diploma in Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds.

Please Note- The refunded fees will be sent by the University to the particular candidate. It depends upon the method by which the payment was made i.e; either online or offline mode.


  1. Students must make sure that before submitting your DD (Demand Draft) to the regional centre of IGNOU, they must write their Name, Address & Enrollment Number at the back of their respective Demand Draft. This is because in case your DD gets misplaced. Please don’t worry about it. It will be secure due to the details which are mentioned in your DD.
  2. Candidates from the reserved category i.e; SC, ST, OBC, Physically handicapped etc. These students can apply for the scholarship which the Government of India had provided. All the students of PG Courses can apply. They can apply for the scholarship by filling up the scholarship form.

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