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IGNOU EHI-01 Study Material

Modern India 1857-1964

Block-01: Imperialism, Colonialism and Nationalism

Units Unit Names Click
Unit-1 Imperialism and Colonialism: A Theoretical Perspective Download
Unit-2 Imperialism: Its Effects Download
Unit-3 The Rise of National Consciousness Download
Unit-4 The Revolt of 1857 Download
Unit-5 Colonialism: The New Administrative System- Pre and Post 1857 Download
Unit-6 Consolidation of the Raj: Frontier and Foreign Policy Download

Block-02: Emergence of Organised Nationalism

Units Unit Names Click
Unit-7 Popular Uprisings: Second Half of the 19th Century Download
Unit-8 Social Reforms in 19th Century India Download
Unit-9 Indian National Congress: Formation Download
Unit-10 Indian National Congress: Moderates and Extremists Download
Unit-11 Partition of Bengal and the Swadeshi Movement Download

Block-03: Radical Trends, Nationalism and Mahatma Gandhi

Units Unit Names Click
Unit-12 Marxist and Socialist Thought Download
Unit-13 The First World War: Causes and Consequences Download
Unit-14 The Russian Revolution: Causes, Course and Significance Download
Unit-15 Revolutionary Trends, Ghadar Party and Home Rule League Download
Unit-16 Mahatma Gandhi’s Emergence in Indian Politics and his Ideology Download
Block-04: Nationalism: Inter-War Years-I
Units Unit Names Click
Unit-17 Constitutional Reforms: 1892-1920 Download
Unit-18 Non-Cooperation and Khilafat Movement: 1919- 1922 Download
Unit-19 The Akali Movement Download
Unit-20 The Non- Brahmin Movement in Western and Southern India Download
Unit-21 The Swarajists and Constructive Work: 1922-29 Download
Unit-22 Growth of Communalism up to the Second World War Download
Block-05: Nationalism: Inter-War Year-II
Units Unit Names Click
Unit-23 Freedom Movement and Nationalist Literature Download
Unit-24 Revolutionary and Terrorist Movement: Bhagat Singh and Chittagong Armoury Raid Download
Unit-25 Civil Disobedience Movement-1930 -1934 Download
Unit-26 Indian National Congress – Socialist Ideas: Role of Nehru and Bose Download
Unit-27 Growth of Left: Communist Party of India and Congress Socialist Party Download
Unit-28 Growth of Trade Union and Peasant Movement: 1920s – 1930s Download

Block-06: Nationalism: Inter- War Year-III

Units Unit Names Click
Unit-29 Constitutional Reforms 1921-1935 Download
Unit-30 Elections of 1937 and Congress Ministries Download
Unit-31 The Growth of Indian Capitalism, the Capitalist Class and the Freedom Struggle Download
Unit-32 Popular Struggles in the Princely States Download
Unit-33 World War-II: Causes, Course and Consequences Download
Block-07: Towards a Sovereign State
Units Unit Names Click
Unit-34 Indian Nationalism During World War-II: Quit India Movement and INA Download
Unit-35 Towards Independence, 1945-47 Download
Unit-36 Communalism and the Partition of British India Download
Unit-37 Establishment of a Democratic Polity Download

Block-08: Independent India: Towards Development 1947-1964

Units Unit Names Click
Unit-38 Planning and Industrialization in India Download
Unit-39 Planning and Land Reforms in India Download
Unit-40 Foreign Policy of India Download
Unit-41 The Theory and Practice of Secularism in India 1947-1964 Download

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